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This page list different services we offer to meet your needs. You can also order/pay for them by clicking Paypal button below. For more info or to inquire about services not listed, please contact us. Thanks.

IGame Film'm a title

For review and/or study of past game.  

Top/main film: Most games will be film/shot at a highest angle to been shown for maximum view.  

Secondary film:  It's shows more a specific view examples: endzone/tight/field/courtside.



Football - Basketball- etc.

Youth/HS-JV & Varsity/ College/ Semi Pro/Pro(Please contact)


Discount prices available for season purchases

Additional pricing for:

Multi camera angles(Tight, Sidelines, End zone, Court/Ground level)

Editing - Graphics - Streaming


Player/Team Highlights 

Individual highlights:

Created to show player's strongest attributes & plays of his/her position(s) which can be used for self collection or

recruitment purposes for college or professional levels.




Youth/ HS-JV & Varsity/College/Semi Pro

Game/Career/Team/Season Highlights


Contact us for school/team discount rates
Other Services
Event Shooting
We also shoot events such as:
All star games

Sport camps

Team practices

Instructional videos

Team banquets 

Player signing  letters of intent

please contact us for prices & details




Promos/commercials ​​


Media Transfers

HD Video

Camera Personnel Rental​




To view videos of different services we provide, please go our web channel:


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